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  • A Guide to Buy Mithuku Vathal

    A Guide to Buy Mithuku Vathal

    Vathal | By: Admin | Last Updated: August, 11, 2021

    Mithuku Vathal is a popular south Indian dish. Mithuku Vathal is commonly known as Solanum Torvum (Turkey Berry). This is really delicious and readily accessible on the market. Mithuku Vathal is a dish made by the combination of sundakkai and curd. M...

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  • Health Benefits of Brinjal

    Health Benefits of Brinjal

    Vathal | By: Admin | Last Updated: June, 17, 2021

    Many of us still are not aware of the fact of brinjal is a vegetable fruit same as a tomato. It has many health benefits due to its phytochemical and antioxidant content. Here you will see the impressive benefits of brinjal and how to consume it in ...

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