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A Guide To Buy Mithuku Vathal

Posted by Admin on August, 11, 2021

Mithuku Vathal is a popular south Indian dish. Mithuku Vathal is commonly known as Solanum Torvum (Turkey Berry). This is really delicious and readily accessible on the market. Mithuku Vathal is a dish made by the combination of sundakkai and curd. Mithuku is made with sun-dried turkey berry combined with buttermilk and salt, which is then fried and served with curd rice, among other things. Vathal is the simplest and most delicious way to incorporate turkey berry into your regular diet. Mithuku Vathal is used to treat and prevent the common cold and flu. It is also utilized to keep renal disorders and anaemia at bay.

Culinary Uses of Mithuku Vathal

Mithuku Vathal can be used in preparing number of Indian recipes with mouth-watering taste. The very famous Pakoras Vadam is prepared using this ingredient only. Arisi Koozh Vathal with rice adds an extra mark in the south Indian cuisines that is also prepared using Mithuku Vathal. These can also be used to prepare several vegetable dishes such as Sago Vathal or Sabudhanu Vathal. The Sundakkai Kuzhambu Vathal is also the most served dish that is also prepared with the help of Mithuku Vathal. This food product is also eaten alone by frying it deeply for the traditional and crispy taste. Mithuku Vathal can also be fried in a microwave oven. They are also available in fried forms in the market.


Mithuku Vathal is cultivated in a purely organic and natural way. The finished product of this item is available in a dried form to the customers. This Vathal is mostly available in a dark brownish color. These products are also available wholesale in the packaging of high-quality HDPE bags that ensure the longer shelf life of Vathal. One packet of Mithuku Vathal weighs around 40 kg. The suppliers of this item also provide it to the customers at an affordable rating of Rs 190 per kg. These products also meet all the standards of food grade. The shelf life of Mithuku Vathal is around 3 months and the shelf life can be increased to some extent if stored properly in a cool and dry place. The customer can choose the weight of Mithuku Vathal as per their requirement.

Health Benefits of Mithuku Vathal

Along with delicious taste, Mithuku Vathal provides several health benefits to the body. Mithuku Vathal is a starchy meal high in carbs that aid in energy production. This Vathal also promotes intestinal health and helps to prevent stomach problems. Because it is gluten-free, it may be included in a healthy weight-gain diet. Pregnant women can be benefitted from the vitamins and folates present. Mithuku Vathal aids in the development of unborn children and reduces the chance of neural tube defects.

Mithuku Vathal also contains antioxidants, which aid in the fight against free radicals and the prevention of other diseases. This food is rich in calcium content that can help build bones and prevent illnesses like osteoporosis. It is also high in potassium, which aids in blood pressure control and supports the health of the heart.

The suppliers of Mithuku Vathal provide its customers with a high-grade food quality rich in nutrients.

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